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Foods of Love

One day to go – are you ready? Are you like me budget conscious or save for a night out or are you like Megan Gale (Australian / International Model) she tells her man not to make a fuss Valentines night  but to do it spontaneously over the year. I agree with her, we live in the country so a night out in the local town doesn’t appeal and it’s a 100km round trip to have a dinner that sometimes disappoints. Have you found that, you book a restaurant go and the menu looks enticing and the food disappoints? we have, I like to cook though sometimes I feel that as a girl we aren’t told by our mum’s how boring cooking every night for family & ones self can be so boring. I digress.

I am in town unexpectedly, my daughter had emergency surgery (dislocated shoulder) so I made the mad dash down to look after her, but this has given me time to really think about cooking. Last night for dinner she chose spaghetti bolognaise, a childhood favourite of many children and isn’t it funny how every child loves their mum’s over anybody else’s. We made this together with beautiful beef mince from the farm – check out the recipe page.

I am going to pick up oyster’s on my way back to the farm and I’m thinking we shall be having an out door meal as the temperature in Australia is very hot at the moment today we are 36 degree Celsius or 96.8 F. So the evening will be quite balmy and humid according to the weather maps, the evening will be  22 C or 71.6 F. So I will need to plan on mosquito repellents or I could put citronella candles out but the perfume from these isn’t that great.

The oysters will be easy to do (see recipe page) but what to do for main course? I want to make it delicious, healthy and quick. I make a great Thai Beef salad so I will do that, this is good to make with a large rump steak and the salad can be prepared and the sauce up to 3 hours or more before hand. The rump can be cooked 10 minutes before serving, I cook it and cover it with aluminium foil for 3 minutes and add the meat juices to the sauce. When choosing a cut a meat you must know what it is you are going to do with it. Rump (or top sirloin as it can be known) is a great versatile cut, it is a meatier cut with a small edging of white fat – always leave the fat on when cooking as it brings out the beautiful flavour of the meat. Make sure the meat looks red in colour, if it is too dark then it has been sitting around for too long, don’t forget meat really doesn’t have a smell unless it is ‘going off or turning’. All red meat should smell like blood or have no smell, this is the sign of a non stressed animal at slaughter. Grain – fed beef may have a thicker covering of fat and a stronger flavour, it also may be slightly darker in colour, grass-fed beef ‘a natural plant’ eating animal will be slightly more pink in colour and have a white layer of fat.

Dessert will be chocolate dipped strawberries also another easy but yummy dish to serve. You can also have the chocolate separate so if you are weight conscious you can skill the chocolate. I shall post pictures later. What is everyone else doing?