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Cooking Pork

They say this as if cooking pork is easy, Australians love Pork we consume 22.2 kilo- per year though this may sound not like much, it is the size of an average 4-year-old toddler, most airlines will let you take this much for check-in baggage without charging you extra. Think of the bag you pack when travelling for 10 days or more and tell me if you think you can eat this? I suspect you can’t, Writing this now it seems a lot but we Australian eat more in Red Meat than in Pork.

We have branched out to get some pork from neighbours, free range and organic, it has a beautiful taste and I noted that the ‘crackling wasn’t the perfect colour pink we all see in supermarkets. This is because it is free range and organic not kept in piggeries and fed one type of diet without naturally occurring grasses. Pigs – are not necessarily pink either so their skin colour can reflect on the meat. Ours has black patches, this make absolutely no difference to the beautiful fresh taste of the meat.

But being a meat cooker, I didn’t account for the skin and meat to cook unevenly. I based my cooking of a rolled roast on our meat weights, 2 kilos cooks for 2 hours at 180 degree Celsius, not the same for pork I discovered. Here are some tips that may be helpful:

Pork is always best cooked over medium heat. Too hot and the meat will have a tendency to dry out

Pork doesn’t need to be overcooked to be safe

Pork (like all meat) continues to cook after removal from heat. For best results, let your dish rest uncovered for 1-2 minutes in a warm environment prior to serving (except for sausages and mince)

Always cut meat across the grain to keep tender

With crackling – the secret for perfect crackling is oil, salt and heat.  Score the rind at about 1cm intervals.  Rub a little oil and salt well into the scored rind and place into a preheated 220°C oven.  Cook for 20 minutes at 220°C then turn oven down to 180°C (medium heat) and cook roast for 45 minutes per kilogram.  Rest under foil for 5-10 minutes.

Without crackling – sear first in a pan.  Place in a preheated 180°C oven and cook for 40 minutes per kilogram.  Rest under foil for 5-10 minutes.  To aid even cooking, place roast on an elevated rack in the oven or onto halved carrots or potatoes to elevate.

If in doubt ask your supplier or butcher, next time I will know – these tricks would have been handy before I started cooking it and we didn’t eat till late

for more handy tips go to http://www.pork.com.au

pork roast




The benefits of eating Pork

This week we have had the pleasure of getting organic pork from the farm gate, but delivered to our door. It is fresh and ready to go into our freezer, but not before I planned and cooked ribs that night for dinner. I have avoided pork for many reasons, not that I didn’t like it I do, there is nothing better at Christmas than the fresh ham off the bone is there?

I am just not use to eating it, there is the tried and tested ‘sweet & sour pork’ which as a ‘Chinese food‘ is a stable take away, I have even attempted to make it but wasn’t successful. But it got me thinking about other pork dishes and now we have our own, I am going to be a bit more experimental. After having done some research on it pork met is as healthy as red meat. I also avoided it as watching my husband order and eat it in restaurants use to make his face go red. This never happened with any other meat but then no other meat is cured with salt and having high blood pressure, he use to react almost instantly. This is did not occur with the organic pork we had the other night.

It is important to have a balanced diet so white meats are recommended, and pork is considered the ‘other’ white meat, along with chicken and fish. Should you want to order some pork,  try to find a local grower, free range and organic. I can safely say there is nothing nicer than that taste.

Ounce for ounce, pork tenderloin has less fat than a chicken breast. The downside to this is that fat is what makes pork taste so good—which explains  why ham and bacon are far more popular than leaner cuts. Bacon and other cured meats often contain sodium and other preservatives, such  as nitrates, that may raise blood pressure or increase your risk for cancer. To  limit your risk, choose fresh meats or packaged products that contain no  preservatives—typically labeled “all-natural”—whenever possible.

Read more about interesting facts on eating pork: http://www.menshealth.com/mhlists/saturated_fat/Pork.php#ixzz2frYkubwd

Buying Meat online for Home delivery.. do you? will you?

We are about to embark on a partnership, one that we hope will see both businesses provide the South Australian market with a home delivery option of fresh fruit & veg as well as fresh meat, Lamb & Beef maybe even pork should the demand be there.

With many producers feeling the flow on effects of the Governments poor & hasty  decision on banning live exports. Before I get bombarded with the people from animal rights liberation, let me say this NO ONE (including farmers) condones animal cruelty and instead of banning this, why was there not a task force set up, sent in there for as long as it takes to educate and train? The government paid everyone in Australia a GFC bonus – imagine how much better the animal industry could have been with that sort of added bonus? something to ponder.

But what it did was cause cattle to starve to death in Australia, this is a fact and coupled with a drought in Queensland how are the farmers to manage? There is also nothing said of the flow on effect of associated companies i.e. shipping how they managed without a trade. That was 2011, cattle are still in Australia and the numbers still have not returned to the levels that they were, so when you go to buy meat in shopping centres do you ask yourself where it comes from? or does the ever escalating cost of living expenses have you thinking that cost is the biggest determining factor when you purchase?

It doesn’t matter what your answer is as I truly believe buying and eating meat is a good thing for yourself and family, it provides protein which helps with concentration (no sugar dips & rises) and helps you feel full longer. So now 2 years later primary producers in South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia, Sydney basically everywhere are feeling the financial reduction caused by the ban on live export. This does not seem to worry the Government that producers are struggling coming into a Federal election neither party has addressed this issue.

For meat buyers in markets they are sitting on their hands, this means there is so much on offer, animals in poor condition are pitted against animals in excellent condition and the big company buyers are expecting to pay the same amount for both. We have not taken anything to market yet as we are well aware this practice goes on. It is made more difficult by the fact the abattoir have ‘grids’ and only those in the know, are aware of openings and push their products in first. There is that much cattle available due to the export ban that these grids fill within minutes – that is you or an agent rings and books the animal in, in the space of 3 calls this can close. There appears to be minimal governance around this practice and if you complain, it is made worse. Agents that you rely on to sell for you may be on the outer so you are at the mercy of others, this is what drives farmers to seek other markets. This issue is not addressed by the MLA (Meat & Livestock Association) nor any other association one needs to be subscribed to keep up with ‘trends’. In fact using google today there is nothing about these grids written they are that secret.

So where does a primary producer go when they know they will receive less than the cost of production by sending animals to the markets, they seek outside sources to sell their meat. For years now we have sold lamb direct, we have it cut to order and then I do home deliveries but as the business grows through word of mouth, it is becoming too difficult so one finds a partner to help with the grunt work.

Let me know how you would accept a home delivery (only South Australian based at the moment) that provides you with a NO FEE membership, you just go online line and register, then tell them where you want it delivered & then the delivery instructions i.e. don’t leave it on the ground near the dog, check the price list – no hidden extras ( put sometime aside for this their list is better than any supermarket) and click & order, does that sound easy to you? Check out www.firstfroots.com.au their fruit & produce is the best in South Australia, they just won’t deliver (yet) to Keith, I note today on their website if you order online they will give you delivery free for the first month, this is not a gimmick it is there for all ‘new’ members.

They have organic products, gluten-free products, fruit & veg, a skin care range, Dairy, Meat, ready-made meals, seasonal boxes, groceries everything you need without leaving your home and how nice would it be to arrive home from work & find a beautiful insulated box of product that you ordered ready and waiting to be put away?

We like that idea and we have eaten some of the fruit & veg’s, so that is why we are teaming up with them, we will even be offering a ‘special’ to you for purchasing direct from them. For us here at https://www.facebook.com/BullysBeef this will be providing a better service than we could at the same value for money pricing. For our regular buyers you will be receiving a note from me – the prices will stay to same and you will also be entitled to the ‘introductory special’. I welcome feedback to where Bullys Beef is moving so feel free to contact me, here or via text or direct email.



Starting Fresh

It’s been a while but we have been busy working on many things and one of those is joining with a home delivery company with out lambs. It is a big step for two small companies to join together, to work together with the one goal: providing fresh, superb quality foods to many who are time poor, do not wish to shop in a supermarket and want to support the local grower / primary producer and small business.

We have met and talked and agreed we need to give it a ‘red hot go’ as they say in Australia. We will supply them with grass-fed fresh lamb, advertise and move it out. It’s a win win for South Australians, you can go on-line to http://www.firstfroots.com.au order your fresh fruit and vegetables and from next month lamb. we will be doing joint press releases and advertising so that you know when we will be on their shelves (in the cool room) and be delivered fresh, cold freezer or meal ready to your door.

With First Froots there is NO joining free, enter your postcode check your home delivery status then register login, see their extensive menu, check out the price list – no hidden costs here, order what you want, select payment and then enter. delivered fresh to your door, we have tasted a fine selection of fruit and vegetables and after 1 week, we had to throw NOTHING OUT, it is fresh not stored in warehouses till it’s needed. The taste and quality are that of a farmers market, we highly recommend the service, if they delivered to Keith we would be using them exclusively. When you join tell them via Bully Beef and other meats blog.