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Summer BBQ’s

The time to BBQ, it’s that time of the year in SA, well coming to it, when families want to move meal times from inside in the warmth to outside in the heat and BBQ. A few tips to make the evening pleasant – without using citronella candles that can take over the smell of a warm summer evening. One of my electrician friends tell me we do not use zappers correctly, he says to start it needs to be kept on for 5 or more nights before hand, to set up that barrier to prevent mosquito bites.

But the thing about Summer is the food, we go from comfort food in bowls to meat and salads on plates. Whether buying from supermarket, a butcher or farmer direct make sure the meat is fresh and has no smell about it.Take it back if you think it has a smell, turning food or rotten food will make animals sick so don’t feed it to them either.

What are the best meats to cook in a BBQ?  I say all of them, from beef to lamb to chicken, grilling brings a different flavour to roasting or frying, a BBQ is an Australian tradition and home chefs are only limited by their imagination and time. There is nothing nicer than having friends and family over to share a meal, where everyone can sit and enjoy each other’s company and eat some of the best meats in the world.

As well as doing the traditional lamb, beef or chicken roast, a staple in the Australian BBQ is the classic sausage sizzle. It is hard to walk past a BBQ cooking beautiful sausages, they don’t always have to be beef or lamb there are now so many flavours available to all tastes including vegan and vegetarian. Gourmet butchers have fabulous ranges as well as supermarkets. It is a matter of buying what you want cooking and eating them.


Depending upon the event, breakfast, lunch and dinner can be cooked outside and eaten with family, friends and or by yourself. Depending upon your time and budget there are many things to cook in a BBQ, here are some of mine

  1. Any kind of steak, Rump, T-bone, Oyster blade, Scotch Fillet, each will have a different texture and will require different cook times depending upon how you like it.
  2. Chops, I love nothing more than lamb on a BBQ, Loin, forequarter, Beef or pork, try saying no to beautiful pork ribs slow cooked on the BBQ.
  3. Sausages, beef, lamb, chicken, vegan & vegetarian as well as all of the gourmet ones available.

With the different types of BBQ’s available, you can cook not just meat, onion and sliced potato, you have different hot plates for different meats.  Never let raw meat, poultry or seafood touch cooked meat or any ready-to-eat foods, as this can cause cross-contamination. Food borne pathogens from the raw meat can easily spread to ready-to-eat foods and cause food poisoning. Always use separate plates, cutting boards and utensils to keep raw meats, poultry and seafood separate from ready-to-eat foods.

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Monday Meal Time


Monday time to be thinking of dinner? How about something simple one to end the first day of the week?

if you have kids, get them to assist. Look at having a “hotdog” or sausage in bread or even a wrap for those that don’t like bread. Get the size rolls you want and break them open, use butter if you like, it depends on your preference, if you use wraps open them.

Cut some onions, push them apart to be rings,  if you are not about to cook them put them in a bowl with some oil until you are ready to place them on the fry pan or BBQ.

Salad is great in any weather, make sure you have one ready, wash the items, like tomato, lettuce, cucumber, pickle and anything else. Pick your own dressing

Nothing like ketchup or home made tomato sauce and or mustard to give it flavour.

Quick and easy We have gluten free, real lamb or beef sausages.

Nothing is bad if eaten in moderation.

image by”: fr.fanpop.com

Lamb & Australia Day

Are you up early doing the breakfast thing? Have you found an Australia Day event you attend? There are many free ones around, where people will go, have a BBQ, eat a sausage sizzle and spend time acknowledging the recipients of Australia Days Awards. how proud can a nation be? All these hard-working people, volunteers, Local heroes and more all together to share their joys with their communities, so they should.

The Australia Day council send Ambassadors along to give great speeches on what it meant to them to receive awards, how they have continued with their works and shake hands with those nominated by their friends, families and peers.

We still have stock to feed, work to do and farming activities that need attending to. So we awoke and did our own Australia Day Breakfast – though not on the BBQ, I did it on the grill. I used everything Australian though and as close to organic as I could – made from our farm, we had eggs, from our chooks, bread baked in South Australia, tomatoes home-grown, bacon, SA brand and our own lamb sausages. topped with some Murray Bridge Salt and Pepper. Yum.

We need to do all we can to support Australian businesses and products, We supply Lamb and beef to the Australian markets and will home deliver into South Australian homes.  Contact us we love our lamb sausages and are planning a couple of charity BBQ’s to support our Pedal Prix team. we are very much proud supporters of the Seaview High School Pedal Prix team and will spend some time and effort this year in building the coffers up in order to provide for the team. It has been something that has been driven by my father, a mad keen sportsman, a volunteer and advocate for children. He did have 6 children of his own.  I will be posting where we will be over the coming weeks so come along and say hello, buy a Sausage & a drink. If you feel you want to jump on with Bullys Beef to Sponsor this team, flick me an email info@bullysbeef.com.au

I am planning another lamb dinner for this evening, it is one of my favourite dishes. Our lamb is grass-fed, healthy and delicious. What are your favourites for Australia Day or Indian Independence day. They appear to celebrate their day with colours of their flag, green, White and Orange, we know they love a lamb in Thai curry. I shall get a recipe and make this along with tri-coloured rice, Celebrate the diversity in two countries and it will be different way to cook lamb.

I shall give it attempt later today and post the recipe tonight following it’s success. I wish for all a Happy Healthy Independence Day and Australia Day.

Roasted Lamb in Thai Curry

Roasted Lamb in Thai Curry

tri-coloured rice

Tri-coloured rice & side dishes