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Valentine’s Hit or Miss

Well don’t all the best laid plans go astray?? There I was so proud of my pre planning and purchasing of condiments and all things for dinner, I even bought nice smelling candle and outdoor candle holder (lucky that was) All I needed to do about 6pm was defrost the rump steak, it was all going well till 4pm when we had a 40 mils or 1.5 inches of rain which was desperately needed to replenish the rain water tanks that had been drained at the property fire in December – but what it did do as well was cut the power from 6pm..

What to do, complete the prep in daylight, prepare all the candles in the house and ready the table so by nightfall nothing to do other than defrost the meat. I go to the freezer pull out the rump – it is dark so torches and candle light are what I am using to see things light the BBQ. We have one of the modern ones which have a rack above the plate and the hood closes – great place to defrost meat in a blackout.

But how to cook the oysters, I abandoned the idea of natural with lime and wasabi so I go the cooked option of Kilpatrick and I have horseradish dip, wasabi and parmesan cheese. I place all of the oysters on the rack and close the lid, the plate is warm so I place the steak which is now scotch fillet (didn’t pick rump in the dark) and the cut bacon (for oysters on the plate to cook slowly). I cover 6 with Kilpatrick sauce and the other six with horseradish dip, a dob of wasabi & parmesan cheese close the lid and let cook for 5 minutes. I take the scotch fillet off and place in al foil in the BBQ on the unlit plate and put all the oysters combined onto another plate and serve.

We have candle light every where but it is hot, humid and dark. There are bugs falling into the candle and all the cats (we have 3 cats) come out to join us. The dogs (we have 3 working dogs) are placed in their kennels and Pete the Golden retriever lies on the ground panting. The Oysters with a glass of ‘sparkling’ are beautiful and we enjoy them together. We pull the salad bowl close and he cuts the mouth-watering meat places it into the salad and I add the dressing (check recipes for details) We argue as he wants to keep the thin layer of fat on the meat and add it to the salad I want to feed it to Pete, I win, Pete gets a treat and I pour the juice from the meat into the Thai sauce I made before pouring it onto the salad, More bubbles and food to be followed up by strawberries & dipping chocolate.

Sadly earlier that day I realised I had left the strawberries in a fridge in town and it being a 300 km one way trip I hope they enjoyed them, I have peaches and nectarines so I cut them and we eat them. Perfect outdoor picnic by candle light and great company for valentine’s day.

For my American friends who are now asking what is Scotch Fillet? In Australia & New Zealand it is known as Scotch Fillet out of these countries it is known as Rib Eye or ribeye steak obviously from the rib section. A rib steak is a beef steak sliced from the rib primal of a beef animal, with rib bone attached. In the United States, the term rib eye steak is used for a rib steak with the bone removed; however in some areas, and outside the U.S., the terms are often used interchangeably. The rib eye or “ribeye” was originally, as the name implies, the center best portion of the rib steak, without the bone.

In Australia, “ribeye” is used when this cut is served with the bone in. With the bone removed, it is called a “Scotch fillet” instead.

It is one of the more flavorful cuts of beef, due to the muscle getting a lot of exercise during its life, unlike the tenderloin. Its marbling of fat makes this very good for slow roasting and it also goes well on a grill cooked to any degree. The meat when fresh is pinkish red and very tender, it is hard to ‘ruin’ this cut but over cooking can make it tough and tasteless, the trick is to grill each side for 5 minutes or more cover in aluminium foil to let it rest for up to 5 minutes, there should be juices in the aluminium foil when opened even if you like it well done.

scotch fillet


Oysters the way I like them

Oysters – Natural with Lime juice & Wasabi sauce

Ensure the oysters are fresh or totally unfrozen, I sit them out covered with a cloth so the flies don’t get to them, or put them in the fridge till serving time.

Use either fresh lime or lime juice, I squeeze the fresh lime and let the pulp go onto the oyster, or if not fresh lime I will put a soup spoon of juice onto the oyster. Squeeze the wasabi tube and use a knife to cut it and lay it onto the oyster. Place on a plate of salt or on an oyster serving tray I have one of these, from any good home wares store, easy to clean and keeps the oysters from spilling over.

oyster serving tray

Robyn’s Oyster Kilpatrick


I prefer oysters in Kilpatrick sauce and living remotely I needed to make my own Kilpatrick sauce as we have no restaurants within 200km who serve them,so here goes.

I put the oysters under a low grill whilst preparing the sauce. I chop bacon or sliced ham and saute the meat in a fry pan till just cooked.

Use 1 tablespoon of BBQ sauce and 1 tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce mix together add more of either depending upon the flavour.

Put i teaspoon of combined sauce on the oysters under the grill cook for 1 minute or till it bubbles, add the bacon or ham or what ever you want and cook for further 2 minutes.

(if you want a real unusual flavour – sprinkle with parmesan cheese and grill till golden)

Serve immediately.

oysters kilpatrick

Bon appetite


Food of Love for Valentines Day


Changing pace on the blog today is the fact that it is 3 sleeps till valentines day and there (for some) will be a dinner, dessert and perhaps a proposal – let me know if it happens to you. Despite how many people say how corny this is, it was always a secret dream to be proposed to on this day. (I am giving myself away here as a woman writer). Never mind when it did happen to me it was just as exciting and from memory I was making a meal at this time as well. 🙂

The old saying is the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but there are lots of foods that are considered aphrodisiacs. That is foods that affect the libido of the person or persons consuming them. At the top of my head oysters are the ones most talked about. I used to love them but as I have gotten older they seem to not appeal to me any more, he loves them, so perhaps I need to look at planning on getting some and using them as an appetizer. I serve them raw with lime juice & wasarbi as well as home made kilpatrick, (see recipe page) some oysters repeatedly change their sex from male to female and back, giving rise to claims that the oyster lets one experience the the masculine and feminine sides of love.

oysters with lime & wasarbi

Choosing the meat can be difficult if you want to impress the special person in your life, if you wish to prepare a seafood entree then the cut of meat and quality of meat need to be upper class. I would select the favourite cut either beef or lamb, one I know he would eat and one which I can prepare and serve perfectly. For good quality and delicious tasting I will either choose a scotch fillet – makes a great fillet mignon or a lamb rack which can be covered with any herbs & spices and parmesan cheese and roasted to perfection.

Vegetables – Asparagus – which is also known as an ancient aphrodisiac; the French word for asparagus is ‘asperge’ which is a slang word for the male sex organ. As an aphrodisiac, asparagus is considered as a psycho-physiological aphrodisiac because of its shape. It is said to trigger the mind to have a physiological response to enhance sex. It is rich in folate, a B vitamin that helps increase your production of histamine, a promoter of sex life. Proper levels of histamine play an essential role in sex drive for both men and women.

Potatoes – either mash or roasted depending upon which is favourite.

roast rack of lamb with asparagus & potato

Appearance is as important as the foods you select and prepare, romance can be visual as well as by sense of smell. You do not have to have a plate full of food to ‘fill some one up’. There is nothing more appealing to the nose than a lovely smelling meal and body perfume. Serve Champagne as it is always associated with romance, bubbles, candlelight and gives the body a warm glow after consumption. Enough lowers inhibitions too much offers sedation.


Dessert can only be chocolate can’t it? chocolate contains both a sedative which relaxes and lowers inhibitions and a stimulant to increase activity and the desire for physical contact. It was actually banned from some monasteries centuries ago.

chocolate rose

What will you serve? I will post recipes over the next 3 days to inspire and promote meat based romantic valentines day.