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Eating Out

I get asked alot what do I eat when I am going out? Do I go the red meat or white meat options? I must admit it depends on where we are going and what the event is. The farmer will often go the “fishermans basket” he likes the battered or crumbed piece of fish, prawn cutlets, calamari or squid ring and crab sticks. I always wonder how they make crab sticks because everyone knows crab is a round crustacean so how and where do they get the meat from when the crab has been shelled. It is supposed to be compressed meat from the legs – but how does one actually know? I wonder if we asked would the waiters know? I’ll have to test this theory next time.

Fishermans basket

I can look at a menu, read it and still make a meat choice, even in multicultural restaurants I’ll go the meat dish, with the pepper sauce. I should learn to make a nice pepper sauce and when I order steak, I am highly disappointed in the quality unless I know it’s Organic or grass-fed, it really does have a different taste.

I used to head towards well done, but now I can tolerate a medium well as most places don’t know how to cook well done without making the meat (no matter what the cut) tough and hard to chew. once this happens no one has a nice meal.

I cook a lot at home we are a 100km or 63 miles from eating out. we live in a country town where there is no such thing as golden arches, king crowns or other various ‘take away’ places. We do however have a great bakery Keith bakery , a diner that does great Australian Cuisine & fantastic Pizza  Double A Diner which is up for sale if anyone is looking for a country change and one of the best cafes in the Limestone Coast Henry & Rose an award winning cafe or pub Keith Hotel Motel is also great for meals. Head over ‘like’ their pages and ours Bullys beef & Other Meats.

When we do eat out I take the time to enjoy it as the one big bonus is I’m not the chef.

Do you buy in bulk or do you buy in standard cuts?

How do you shop? is it a thing to think about on a daily basis? do you plan daily meals at meal times and stand at the fridge door like me, are you budget and weight conscious and plan and make meals on your spare days so the family know what to get out and assist you with if you are a working person?

It is a known fact that people who plan and cook meals weekly lose weight and maintain a high level of health, as these people are disciplined enough to carry through plans and not buy out of the budget and meal options. Taking fully prepared lunch to work or school is also the sign of an organised person who is not only budget aware but health aware, one never sees someone bring in hot chips and gravy to reheat in the microwave or do you?

The idea is to plan your meals, write your shopping list and set about creating your new healthy organised self. Plan the meat meals and decide what you are buying, red meat, beef, lamb, kangaroo, pink meat pork and white meat, chicken and fish. It is not necessary to buy and precook veg’s these can be done daily if you need to shop, but never shop when you are hungry as you make bad choices. Put down the oven pizza or frozen / non frozen burger and buy the grass fed, organic steak or hamburgers. The fat content is less and you will feel much more satisfied with the dinner you are preparing for yourself and family.

Here is the healthy option always try and buy local – ask if you are unsure where the meat comes from, most supermarkets have in-house butchers in Australia. If it reads 100% grass fed or organic pay the extra it will be worth it for the health benefits of having the producer who worked hard to bring the best possible meat to your plate. Look for ours, we are proud of our meat.


Do you buy the cuts or in bulk so that you have options for more than 1 meal ? Of the eight main sections, or primal cuts, of a steer, seven—the chuck (shoulder), the rib (rib section), the plate and flank (underbelly), the short loin (back section), the sirloin (hip), and the round (hindquarter)—yield individual cuts that are tender enough to be sold as steaks. The rib, short loin, and sirloin are the source of most premium steak house cuts, but tender and flavorful steaks also come from other parts of the steer; the chuck, in particular, is the source of a number of excellent, and inexpensive, steaks.

Tell me do you prepare daily or weekly menu’s? I do daily and perhaps I need to set about and do weekly meal planner and see how much I can save with time, effort and satisfaction.

Where are your food sources?

If you are anything like me, I find shopping a nuisance and a necessity. We have to eat and in order to do that we have to shop. Whether you chose a large supermarket, small local store, bulk store or a farmers market, says something about the time you have and the place in which you live.

Most people who go to farmers markets, are fully versed with seasonal fruit and vegetables and most times are prepared to meet their grower and talk with the families who produce their food. Farmers markets are for strolling, smelling, eating and purchasing food direct from growers. They bring a little bit of country into cities or regional areas so others can appreciate how much time and effort it takes to bring fresh produce and organic food to consumers plates.

Local stores are where one goes if they don’t want to travel far, in Australia many now work in hours that suit busy working people who need to call in after work or are restricted by location to do their shopping. Many local stores in South Australia carry many loca products and are great places to do shopping.

Large Supermarkets have almost become family outings, they have produce market stalls in the fresh food sections, they have meat on display and some even have barista’s where you can have a coffee whilst you shop. Some big supermarkets also have free tastings and free fruit for you to eat whilst you are shopping. Competition has made them look to pleasing the consumer as well as shareholders.

Bulk Stores are just that, places where you can buy in bulk. They are great for things such as more than 30 rolls of toilet paper. I find bulk stores interesting and they also have good bargains and the quality of food and produce is also fantastic.

So what kind of shopper are you, it doesn’t matter where I frequent I always look to buy local then National. There is nothing like our kangaroo Symbol, stating it is Australian Made that makes me pick it up and place it in my trolley.

Being produces of Certified grass-fed meat, I am lucky that I don’t have to purchase meat and now that we are working with Little Greenbush Poultry  we are lucky to get paddock fed Chicken as well as our own grass-fed beef and lamb. There is nothing like the taste anywhere infact if you have grown up with shop bought meat (which is also good quality in Australia) you may take a while to get use to the taste.

If you want some home delivery only in South Australia at the moment don’t forget to email me for your order form. admin@bullysbeef.com.au (these are our lamb ribs)

lamb ribs


Grass Fed / pasturefed and grainfeed (or feedlot) can you taste the difference

Meat for the family, are you getting what you pay for? Are you aware of what is going on your plate to feed yourself and the family? Have you stopped to consider how much healthier grass-fed pasture fed beef is for your body and family? We have here on our farm, we do not feed our cattle grain, it changes the taste of the meat and the fat layer covering the meat, we promote garss fed organic as the best healthiest meat available.

We don’t feed our cattle, soy, grain or corn to fatten them up to get them ready for slaughter, we allow them to eat grasses and pasture and grow with their mothers and herd. Grass fed also means we don’t need to give them antibiotics nor growth promotants to get them to grow quicker to get them to slaughter. We allow them a natural grow pattern where they can eat and roam around the paddocks whilst they grow.

Being that we feel this is the best way to raise beef for human consumption, we have gone the full length and been Certified as Grass fed + HGP free + Antibiotic free, so our meat is second to none for our consumers. We are very proud of our Certification it took us a while to get it and we shall retain it for a long time. We did this through PCAS so that we have proof that we treat all of our animals to the best of our abilities to give consumers the best possible experience with our meat.

It provides healthier omega-3 fats over time though you may find it more expensive as ‘choice’ ,or ‘premium’ meats (what supermarkets / butchers call cuts from grain fed beef). With grass-fed it will be marketed as such along with organic meats. When you see pasture fed, grass-fed and organic you can know that the meat you are eating is the best you can buy for your family.

We are really proud to announce we have recently been nominated for a Brand South Australia 2015 South Australian Regional Awards : We have been nominated for a Small Business Award sponsored by Telstra, Premium Food and Wine from Our Clean Environment – Food Award sponsored by Foodland.

Feel Free to ask your local supermarket where can you purchase Bullys Beef & lamb or contact us here and we can help you out.