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Happy Fathers Day

It’s father’s day in Australia and most families celebrate with a get together, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. But living the distance that we do it’s hard at this time of the year. I know I have siblings in other states that would also like to make the trip but they are good fathers themselves. I even have a brother who is in another country traveling for work and I suspect he would be feeling the loss of not being with his family.

We also have the Royal Adelaide Show on here at the moment and I suspect many families would spend their day together at the show. I loved the show, I would eat all of the wrong things fairy floss, hotdog on a stick covered in batter and then drowned in ketchup, the farmer hates them. I think they are known in America as a Corndog. Nothing like the breakfast I prepared for myself this morning to celebrate Fathers Day.

I suspect many a father will get breakfast in bed, made by their spouse or children or step children, my father this year got to spend it with one of my lovely sister in laws and a couple of his grand children. As I stated we are far and wide this year. I was lucky they came and stayed with us at the farm last weekend. We are lucky we were given nothing but encouragement, confidence and love when we were little, which turns into confident, competitive and successful adults which we are all passing onto our children, nieces and nephews.

I’ve decided to change some eating and drinking habits over the coming months, I have been absorbed with work and creating avenues for our lamb and beef business and this absorbs most of my working time. I try and get to exercise (not as much as I like) but being a farmers wife I try and use homegrown products, especially our grassfed meat #BullysBeef locally grown like the #EarthEggs the number 1 pastured ‘free range egg farm in Australia (and a good friend). When eating chicken I go for the #LittleGreenbushPoultry another good friend and South Australian product.

fathers day breakfast

I’m moving bread out of my diet so I decided to lightly grill a wrap this morning, poach my egg and lay it on a bed of baby spinach, cherry tomatoes and mushrooms. It tasted as good as it looks. I will admit though had we been going to the Adelaide Show I would have eaten a dagwood dog instead. Happy Fathers Day to all the men out their who take the responsibility of rearing children with love, whether they are biologically related or related by marriage, uncles, big brothers, step-dads and grandparents.


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The Big Issue

In life we have choices to do many things and most of us know are taught to share and to give. We share toys with siblings and with friends, most of us share hand me down clothes, which teaches us how to give and take. As we grow older we are asked to give to charities by donating money, goods or time. Time by way of volunteering is incredibly valuable, by being taught to give we are taught respect and self worth.

I was invited to the Big Lunch 5 years back by a dear friend who is a writer for the magazine “the big issue”. so we went, it was fantastic, in the Adelaide Central markets, food donated by the stall holders and prepared by the head Chefs at the Adelaide Hilton Hotel. Wines donated by a local South Australian Winery , Yalumba, splitrock waters, Mountain fresh juice, Vale beers, HeyDayButter and Lobe cider. fantastic.

My husband the farmer, said about the meat surely we can do better and from that day onwards we have. We donate either our grass-fed beef or lamb to feed 300 people so that all monies go directly to support the homeless and places women in distress in jobs. This year we did paddock fed chicken, lamb and invited a girlfriend to donate eartheggs to the dessert. All local Upper South east produce, delivered and prepared by well known chefs.


This year we were joined by 460 guests 40 of them ours and I was surprised to hear that not many people had heard about  The Big Issue. Where half the proceeds go to the seller of the magazine and it helps to change their life.

Our food was a hit, I noticed the lamb was disappearing fast and I had to go to another table to get a serving for myself and the farmer, it made our hearts swell with pride. Our beautiful grass-fed Dorper lamb prepared by the Hilton Chef Dan Fleming and team and served to 460 people who loved it as much as they did by attending (and us). The paddock fed chicken by a local grower Little Greenbush Poultry   was also a huge hit (donated by us as well)

Nothing tastes as fresh as home grown, no hormones, antibiotics, prepared and given with love to help others who need it.

How do you find your happiness? is it sitting at the table sharing a meal like we did?

If you see the Big Issue sellers – buy the magazine it has great articles and know you’re giving to someone who is doing the best for themselves that they can

Left Overs

I love eating the Little Greenbush Poultry Chicken I find it amazing and there is so much meat on the bird that they are good value for money. Head over to their page and like it. For a family that want to provide good healthy food choices then this is what you need to look for when purchasing a paddock fed meat bird. It will not be thin like the others, as they are not crowded against each other fighting to get food. They will be wider than others, paddock fed get to roam around hectares of land, eating natural bugs, scratching for worms and this produces more meat on the breast and legs.

We had left over chicken the other night and I decided to pull out the pie maker, a sheet of puff pastry, frozen peas, fresh mushrooms, spring onions, chicken stock, 2 tablespoons of plain flour and a 1/4 cup of chicken cream. All of the ingredients I made sure was local or at the least South Australian, as producers we find it important to support other producers having a go.I made the short crust pastry as well.

The chicken was cold so I pulled it apart, I put the peas, chopped spring onion, chopped mushrooms into a bowl. Heated a fry pan put 2 tablespoons of plain flour 1 cup of chicken stock and 1/4 cup of cream mixed them till it thickened and poured it on top of the chicken and stirred it through.

If any one want the recipe please email me, it took approx an hour due to having the pastry sit in the fridge for 30 minutes. admin@bullysbeef.com.au


Eat Grass Fed Meats

As suppliers of Grass-fed certified meats we love being asked what we do and how to get our meat. We have also teamed up with an accredited paddock fed meat bird company Little Greenbush Poultry They have space for their birds and are a start up business who have identifed a spot in the food chain.

These birds have space to roam and grow, like our cattle and sheep, they grow at their own pace and not held in cages to all be the same size. Consistency is for the supermarkets, Little Greenbush birds are exceptional and when I bought and ate my first one, like red meat I didn’t quite know what the taste was. It hit me later, it was the actual taste of real chicken, like from my child hood. This was a business we would like to be associated with.

Bullys Beef & Other Meats now helps promote and sell the chickens, with views of getting our lamb and chooks into our local markets and retail outlets in Adelaide, South Australia We would love you all to jump over and like our face book pages and email us for your home delivery Order form. At this stage we can only deliver into Adelaide South Australia but we are planning to grow.

We talk about our farming, share ideas on the health benefits of grass fed / paddock fed, hormone free and anti-biotic free meat raised for human consumption under the best of conditions and as close to the natural conditions animals deserve and should have. This is some of the chickens look at the fact there is no cages here.


Sorry for Adelaide people only (in South Australia) feel free to email me admin@bullysbeef.com.au we will send you an Order form and happily add you to our list.

“Go beyond organic by asking for 100% grass-fed. Don’t get sidetracked by the confusing array of labeling terms like natural” or “pasture-raised.” Labeling laws allow products to display these terms even if lambs spend little or no time outdoors in a pasture setting. Unfortunately, even the term “grass-fed” is not sufficient since grass-fed lambs may have spent a relatively small amount of time grass feeding. The standard to look for on the label is “100% grass-fed.” Talk to your grocer or the lamb farmer and find out how the animals were actually raised. In addition, if you would like more information about the practice of grass-feeding” http://www.whfoods.com