Bullys Beef & Other Meats

We are second generation primary producers and specialise in Black Angus Cattle & White Dorper Sheep for human consumption.We humanely raise excellent grass / pasture fed Beef and Lamb in the Upper South East of South Australia on our 5000 acre property “Caloundra Station”.

Why Grass-Fed?

Our Beef and lamb is raised naturally, without hormones and without having been fed antibiotic at any phase of their lives

  • Grass fed beef and lamb is naturally leaner than grain fed – as they are free to roam not enclosed to eat.
  • Omega 3s in beef that feed on grass is 7% of the total fat content, compared to 1% in grain only fed beef.
  • Beef & Lamb in its natural grass-fed state, is a health food of the highest order
  • Grass fed meat is loaded with other natural minerals and vitamins, plus it’s a greater source of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic acid) a fat that reduces the risk of cancer, obesity, diabetes and a number of immune diseases.


Our Cattle and Sheep are free to roam in the pastures eating a mixture of Lucerne, Rye Grass, Clover and Veldt grass. These food stuff’s are naturally occurring and Lucerne being planted by us.

We do not use any hormone growth promotants.

We are members of the Australian Angus Society, we are a LPA / NVD accredited farm and our stock is easily tracked by our NLIS tags for our cattle and our sheep.

We are EXPORT accredited with AUSMEAT and have an agreement with an abattoir for Tier 1 countries – let us know what you want

AUSMEAT Limited sml

We currently supply grass-fed lamb, whole, half or spit ready, you tell us how you want your lamb or beef packaged and we’ll prepare it and deliver it to you.

contact us today info@bullysbeef.com.au


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