Vegans this slogan is a joke….. Right?

no category for stupid

I can not say any more than this picture says.

I applaud vegans, I think the effort they put into avoiding meat eating is fantastic, and I know there are many vegans who do not think less of meat eaters. To have a campaign that is an outright lie, there would be many vegans who would be as outraged and as embarrassed as I am at this.

We shear sheep, we love our sheep but they are NOT killed when shorn, in fact many people don’t even eat sheep as they are the breeders and are important for wool and producing lambs and rams that may keep the wool flock growing and also become part of a farm.

As a farmer, we don’t slaughter things because we feel we have to, we don’t even cull kangaroos that eat our crop, as a city girl I have learnt so many things and I will go and watch them being slaughtered for human consumption. I make sure the food processors are ethical and humanely do it. I have banned cattle prods from our property, all our dogs are muzzled when working.

To the vegans and people who believe this campaign, contact me, ask me questions but do not believe this, it lowers peoples intelligence. Tell me what you think? Ask me the hard questions email me

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