Paleo is the new modern word for eating, though it does mean ancient or olden times and yet here we are adopting this for it’s health benefits. It gives us an indication of what to eat and what to avoid, I am yet to adopt in full but we are moving over to it. I think if I am honest I need to cut down the alcohol and go to a glass of wine on the weekend rather than nightly.

One of the things I love about Paleo is it’s sensibility on lean Meats , and push towards grass- fed meats. we are lucky in that we do produce or own on the farm and sell direct into our closest city and looking to branch further in to kitchens and fridges.

We love a great Lamb, Beef or Chicken Roast on our house, nothing smells nicer than it cooking slowly in the oven, but sometimes it’s hard to even think about getting dinner. By the time we’ve done a days work and come in, the place can be cold, having a freezer full of meat is no comfort either.

So I like meals I call “quick and dirty” though I love cooking shows you can see the times allocated and those chefs produce fantastic meals in 2 hours – I don’t want to spend time away from family and sometimes getting meals is plain boring.

On a quick night – as I am an unprepared cook, I will pull meat out of the freezer and start the defrost option. We live a good distance away from shops so defrosted is only when i bring it home ready to be packaged and placed into the freezer. They are easy meals, with lamb, I’ll grab some loin chops or a shoulder roast, with beef it’s t-bone steak and when we get chicken it’s always a roast.

I’d love to read what you are doing with your meats, but here is a chart I found on the internet that tells us the Paleo way. I’ll do more research into what is healthy fats and get back to you all.

Okay To Eat Avoid
Fruits Dairy
Vegetables Grains
Lean Meats Processed Food & Sugars
Seafood Legumes
Nuts & Seeds Starches
Healthy Fats Alcohol

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