Food is Medicine

Isn’t that line catchy? there is a course being offered Free of charge through Monash University on food is medicine. I have enrolled to do this, as primary producers, we always seem to be made out to be the ones not doing the right thing.

We have to contend with, “no added hormones”, “no antibiotics”are you “gluten free?”is a classic when people talk to me about meat. We don’t feed our cattle or lamb any form of gluten so yes, meat is gluten free. Sausages on the other hand can be made with breadcrumbs and other ingredients to give it bulk.

The Urban myths around sausage fillers :sawdust swept up from the old butchers floor or the one about the ground up chicken beaks, which is not even logical. It does not pay to think about how anyone would even contemplate getting the beaks off the chooks in the first place, never alone having enough for all the butchers in Australia.


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