T-Bone my favourite cut


Doesn’t this look ready to eat and yummy. The white specks through it are just enough fat to make it moist and tender.

What is the T-Bone: it combines two lean, tender steaks. Consists of both top loin (strip) and tenderloin steaks, connected by the t-shaped bone. At-shaped bone separates what is a “New York Strip”and a “Tenderloin Fillet”.

The Tenderloin Filet extends into the short loin section. A tenderloin filet is a long tubular shape that is thicker at one end and thinner on the opposite end. The Porterhouse is cut from the rear-end of the short loin which contains a larger portion of filet. The T-bone is cut from the front end of the short sirloin which has a smaller filet portion.

I love to grill ours, add lots of fresh seasonal vegetables steamed and some mushroom gravy, which is the farmers favourite. Me I love pepper sauce but have never made a good one.

Beef Cut - t-bone

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