Beef Left Overs

I am going a bit pie crazy at the moment, having been given a pie maker for a Christmas present I am doing many (exciting things) with pastry & left overs. I am beginning to get the feeling the farmer doesn’t share my excitement of the product. I made some lamb pies the other day and he asked for a chicken sandwich !

Lucky we have paddock fed chickens in our freezers as well. we can now supply Little Greenbush Poultry paddock fed meat chickens to be able to cook and eat. They are like us, no hormone, no anti-biotics and no GM feed substitute, we don’t feed our beef and lamb grain either.

Anywho, I made gluten free shortcrust pastry – a bit more fiddly than normal and as neither of us have an intolerance, I’ll go back to normal. I put the pie base into the maker, cut the beef, veg’s and potato straight from the fridge, put them in a bowl and then add gravy to cover. Spoon the mixture into the shell and place a filo pastry cover on top brushed with milk. Close the lid and let cook, Yummy.

Beef pie 1    Beef pie 2

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