Eating Out

I get asked alot what do I eat when I am going out? Do I go the red meat or white meat options? I must admit it depends on where we are going and what the event is. The farmer will often go the “fishermans basket” he likes the battered or crumbed piece of fish, prawn cutlets, calamari or squid ring and crab sticks. I always wonder how they make crab sticks because everyone knows crab is a round crustacean so how and where do they get the meat from when the crab has been shelled. It is supposed to be compressed meat from the legs – but how does one actually know? I wonder if we asked would the waiters know? I’ll have to test this theory next time.

Fishermans basket

I can look at a menu, read it and still make a meat choice, even in multicultural restaurants I’ll go the meat dish, with the pepper sauce. I should learn to make a nice pepper sauce and when I order steak, I am highly disappointed in the quality unless I know it’s Organic or grass-fed, it really does have a different taste.

I used to head towards well done, but now I can tolerate a medium well as most places don’t know how to cook well done without making the meat (no matter what the cut) tough and hard to chew. once this happens no one has a nice meal.

I cook a lot at home we are a 100km or 63 miles from eating out. we live in a country town where there is no such thing as golden arches, king crowns or other various ‘take away’ places. We do however have a great bakery Keith bakery , a diner that does great Australian Cuisine & fantastic Pizza  Double A Diner which is up for sale if anyone is looking for a country change and one of the best cafes in the Limestone Coast Henry & Rose an award winning cafe or pub Keith Hotel Motel is also great for meals. Head over ‘like’ their pages and ours Bullys beef & Other Meats.

When we do eat out I take the time to enjoy it as the one big bonus is I’m not the chef.

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