Does knowing your food source make you feel secure?

If you know where your food comes from does that make you feel secure? Does it make you purchase more or less? If you went to the farm gate to meet the farmer that grew your food, would you only visit the fresh fruit and produce or would you also visit the Chicken, Beef, Lamb and pork farm to name a few?

Would you find that intimidating? There are plenty of businesses that let you “pick your own”and I totally agree it should be on a families list of things to do. Pick a Saturday or Sunday and go visit one of them, pick a basket of strawberries is not only a great outdoor exercise it is fun, exhausting and there is no one looking to see if you eat and cheat. By that I mean eating whilst you are working and not paying for the food.

In my local area there is a farmer who grows corn as a sub crop and they advertise once they are ready for people to come and pick the ears of corn, all fresh, all organic and direct from the paddock. They charge $1.00 an ear and it is the freshest corn you could find, it also assists them by removing the corn instead of ploughing it into the ground or letting them go rotten.

As far as women go, are we the gatekeepers of family meals? or are we General managers of the oven, fridge and stove? Do we classify ourselves as warriors of food sources to our friends and family and as mothers and decision makers of food sources and stuff for our children, do we take the correct amount of care that we should? In the hustle and bustle of being the family meal maker, are grass fed, paddock fed and organic foods part of your plan? this relates to fresh fruit & produce as well as meat.

what would you like to see more of in the families meals and on the plate? It doesn’t have to be large servings of meat, it needs to only be enough for good protein, growing bones and holding off hunger.

What do you know about your local district Farmers Markets? Are they places that you go?

Would they be places where you would go if it was appealing or are you like me, not really sure where they are and when they are on? Should I start visiting them and listing them?  a farmers market blog? The trouble is I would have to get up real early like 4 or 5 am to travel to get to some of them, if I get enough interest I’ll have to give it some thought. Let me know what you would like from the blog here I would love more interaction

Have a look at the new MLA Ad, what do you think?

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