Lamb for dinner

He don't eat meat, that's ok I make Lamb

For us Meat producers this in the film “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” was fantastic, it was in 2002, it really was the promotion of Lamb before we had “Eat Lamb for Australia Day” with Sam Kekovich started in 2006.

Lamb is my favourite meat of choice and it is an acquired taste, Lamb from the paddocks has a different flavour to lamb from the supermarket. Go to your butcher, they are most accommodating with the cut of the meat you want and the type of meal you want to cook, most butchers will give you tips and tricks with ingredients, cooking times and flavours.

2016-03-18 02.02.08

I love our home grown lamb, here I have scored the fat, cut holes in it to put rosemary, fresh from our garden and minced garlic, grown and minced by my mother in law. I then put about a teaspoon of virgin olive oil from Pendleton fine foods a local company with their plant approx 60 Kms or 37 miles from our farm, place it on a roast rack and pour half a cup of rain water in the bottom and cook. When finished the water and fat combine to make the best gravy around.

How do you eat your meat? If you are looking in South Australia for home delivery of lamb and chicken please email me. We deliver free into Adelaide and SA surrounds at this time looking to growing over the coming months. We are currently undergoing a new updated website so please bare with us, we should be up in a couple of weeks so you can order on line and looking to build an order app.



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