Grass fed Lamb

We love our animals here and we love what we do, it is a pleasure to spend time with our animals making sure they are well cared for and looked after. Should we have to get our animals treated by a vet (it is very rare) and we have to administer antibiotics they are re tagged to identify that we in-fact can not sell those animals. They will spend their days here on the farm until such time as they pass over.

The farmer does not believe in shooting things for no reason or for sport. Tell me where is the sport in shooting a helpless animal? we even leave our kangaroos alone, it really isn’t much food they can eat and take away from our animals. We leave our animals to roam the paddocks and we substitute feeding with hay, not grain.

We are known to hand rear animals as do most farmers should they become orphaned, they they normally get to stay on the property to become part of the mob of breeders or become a ram. We ensure that our animals are ethically treated and slaughtered in the best possible manner and practice. I myself have been to watch and have assessed our abattoirs to ensure they receive the best possible care at death as they do at life.

We work hard to do what we need to, to provide the best quality meat for human consumption and we want to supply it at an affordable price to all. if you are looking for home delivery in Adelaide, South Australia please email us

Jump over to our facebook page like us and keep informed with our comings and going.

141007_PCAS Certificate_SA243213_Verall_Scanned

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