Grass Fed / pasturefed and grainfeed (or feedlot) can you taste the difference

Meat for the family, are you getting what you pay for? Are you aware of what is going on your plate to feed yourself and the family? Have you stopped to consider how much healthier grass-fed pasture fed beef is for your body and family? We have here on our farm, we do not feed our cattle grain, it changes the taste of the meat and the fat layer covering the meat, we promote garss fed organic as the best healthiest meat available.

We don’t feed our cattle, soy, grain or corn to fatten them up to get them ready for slaughter, we allow them to eat grasses and pasture and grow with their mothers and herd. Grass fed also means we don’t need to give them antibiotics nor growth promotants to get them to grow quicker to get them to slaughter. We allow them a natural grow pattern where they can eat and roam around the paddocks whilst they grow.

Being that we feel this is the best way to raise beef for human consumption, we have gone the full length and been Certified as Grass fed + HGP free + Antibiotic free, so our meat is second to none for our consumers. We are very proud of our Certification it took us a while to get it and we shall retain it for a long time. We did this through PCAS so that we have proof that we treat all of our animals to the best of our abilities to give consumers the best possible experience with our meat.

It provides healthier omega-3 fats over time though you may find it more expensive as ‘choice’ ,or ‘premium’ meats (what supermarkets / butchers call cuts from grain fed beef). With grass-fed it will be marketed as such along with organic meats. When you see pasture fed, grass-fed and organic you can know that the meat you are eating is the best you can buy for your family.

We are really proud to announce we have recently been nominated for a Brand South Australia 2015 South Australian Regional Awards : We have been nominated for a Small Business Award sponsored by Telstra, Premium Food and Wine from Our Clean Environment – Food Award sponsored by Foodland.

Feel Free to ask your local supermarket where can you purchase Bullys Beef & lamb or contact us here and we can help you out.

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