The lambs (land) we care about

I am getting lots of support for the Facebook page and lots of ideas for the blog about our industry. there is one thing for certain many of you in fact over 2485 of you have liked the page and 15925 people have seen one or more of its posts. Please keep the pictures, of your farms, shearers and animals coming I am posting them as I get them. They are great, it is so obvious this campaign isn’t about the wool, it’s about caring for the animals that sustain us,

It has been about the sustainability of our industry as well, the wool that is used in many different applications. It cools in summer, warms in winter, its organic and viability relies on us, protecting these animals from harm, having educated shearers and sheds with people who respect the way they make a living. The back-breaking skill we rely on the shearers to have, it is not about getting the animals into the yards, pens without incident I know we muzzle our dogs so the temptation to bite them is taken away. we tether the dogs in the shed with muzzles on when we start shearing or will return the dogs to their compounds so the noise of barking dogs doesn’t get everyone on edge, animals and shearers. People get hot and bothered in sheds without dogs being uncontrolled and barking incessantly.

This is not cruel, this is the way we respect our shearers and our sheep, no chance of a dog nip.

Mollie, muzzled & secure

Mollie, muzzled & secure

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