Road Kill

If you live in the country, one thing you notice when you travel a lot is the road kill. You have probably killed animals yourself and it is an awful feeling. I hate the noise they make when you hit them. But when being taught to drive you are taught not to swerve away from them – this can lead you to losing control of the car and killing oneself or veering into on coming traffic and killing other humans. It’s horrible but it happens.

In Australia, one of our biggest threats is the Kangaroo, they appear at all times though mainly around dusk, and they will jump off the shoulder of the road and into the path of your car, depending upon its size it can do extensive damage or panel damage. Cars normally kill the animal but have you thought about what you would do if it didn’t? Have you gone back to check? I drove past one the other day and he was badly injured and I travelled along our road until I waved down an on coming car (a lovely ex neighbor) and asked him to go shoot it. Which he did, to put it out of its misery. We could see it was male so there was no looking for a baby joey so we drove on.

I have encountered birds, one flew directly into the car, hit the nudge bar and died, it then fell between the bar and the grill and it wasn’t until I stopped that I realized it was still there and I had to remove it. I was bringing some German friends with me to the farm from the city at the time and they thought it was worthy of pictures.

Emu’s are also a road problem as they can cause extensive damage as their bodies are car bonnet height and if you hit them their heads can hit the wind screen as break that as well, wombats are hard as they get wedged under the car and we also have the problem of deer. Not native to Australia, introduced and become pests to farmers if they move into your crops. One does try to avoid them but it can look like they run directly into you,

Rabbits & Hares are the worst as they run across, jump back and then appear to run full tilt into the wheels. I try to avoid it all now, not only for the damage to the car but the sound of it. It’s awful.  The greater the speed the harder it is to stop and avoid accidents or slow-moving animals.

Australian Kangaroo & Joey

Australian Kangaroo & Joey

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