The Chooks are Finally Laying

Its taken a while this time, we rescue chooks from caged farms and bring them to our farm to get a better life and to lay eggs for us, normally they arrive here we put them in the coop and they within a matter of 5 days start laying. It is funny to watch a new chook come to their new home as they find walking on the sand and dirt and grass a funny sensation on their feet, they walk and pick one foot up at a time until they get use to it.

Once the are happy they start laying beautiful farm fresh eggs, this time it has been a bit different, we look after my in-laws chooks whist they travel for a few months of the year and when they come to get them it upsets the balance in the hen-house. There is such a thing as a pecking order and I have come across them (many years ago) they had pecked a fellow hen to death and continued to eat her – it was quite horrific, I found the wing span left, apparently they do this to injured or sick hens, hence the pecking order.

We love our farm freshly laid eggs they are very different to the caged ones and even look different in colour. Their yolk is almost orange / golden where as caged hens, who are fed grain it is yellow, once you have eaten a real farm fresh non grain fed egg you will be able to see the difference.

We let our chooks roam free on the property as they love to wander and scratch and they get themselves back home to their coup come night-time. We have to do a head count before we shut and lock the coup door so that foxes and feral cats don’t get in to help themselves to an organic free range chicken. lately we have had to leave them in their great big coup as our working dogs love to try to round them up, we don’t encourage this as sometimes the excitement of the flapping of wings, bites will occur and deaths may be the end result.

If you can afford it buy fresh non caged eggs, they are great to eat and cook with. Chooks are also good pets for children, if they are held at the yellow fluffy chick stage they will always allow children to pick them up and cuddle them. They will eat house hold left overs and keep the bugs down in you yard as well as produce eggs. Our cats sometimes will follow us up to the coup and Frankie has been known to sleep in their to catch the mice and the chooks don’t seem to be bothered by her.

One of my friends has started a fabulous chooks in a van business here in SA, so if you see this label about the place, jump in and buy them. totally Natural & free range, tastes very much like our own, I purchase them when our chooks forget to give us our breakfast rations. Hoods Earth Produce


2014-10-03 22.15.36





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