Christmas in Australia

It’s that time of year when most people are winding down, going on holidays, catching up with family & friends, spending time in stores and at the beach and generally having time out. Farming is different, if you raise animals one can not go on holidays and take a break without having someone move in and take over. In Australia it is hot and places are going into drought, some have missed rain for a year others have had minimal,

Farmers are emptying out their land of stock so that they don’t have the expense of feeding them over summer or worse still watching them die in the extreme heat. We are lucky we have a centre pivot which can provide stock with green grass during these times and with hay that we have grown ourselves. We currently have some beautiful angus steers ready for export and ready to leave the property we need an importer to assist.

It is currently 10pm here and we are still 30 degree Celsius or 86 degree Fahrenheit so we have fans on and the house in darkness except the Christmas tree lights which I love. We are moving into the warmer part of our year. It is this time of the year, I miss the beach and our pool at the city house but hope the tenants enjoy it. I would love to get to the beach for a couple of days but that is highly unlikely due to the fact that we need to be on the farm.

I went to make Christmas cookies today and realize that I didn’t have a Christmas cutter, no gingerbread, bell or tree shaped cutters but what I did have were purely Australian ones that I picked up in a market and I decided to use them. I also had no icing bags so used plastic freezer bags and pierced the ends – a very amateur job but they taste quite nice.

I hope where ever you are you are enjoying the winding down of the year and you are celebrating with loved ones and friends. I wish for you all the happiness and success 2015 can bring and if you wish to contact me about our meat, please feel free.


our beautiful market ready steers



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