Value Adding

This is a term that our politicians (both sides) have taken to use when discussing regional and rural ‘opportunities and shits me to distraction. I heard it on the radio the other day, these ‘politicians’ have taken to try to placate the rural and regional areas by this will shock you ‘making things up’

I heard it in the build up to the last state election Martin Hamilton-Smith –  then Liberal candidate used it when talking about farmers and it went unchallenged by the radio interviewer, whether that was because the Liberals were not in power or whether it was because the interviewer knew this made no sense. (I suspect the later knowing the interviewer) I tried to get answers to what this meant, he was talking about getting the farmers to value add. Well I am still scratching my head over this, we do livestock and many a night I have wondered how I can value add so that farmers get better than 2009 prices for their stock. I have thought I could put bells on cattle – that is internationally recognized as something cows have.

I have thought about putting bows on sheep, mainly around their girth, purely for aesthetic reasons and even pigs (though we don’t have them) perhaps pierce their ears ‘Miss Piggy” Style and chickens rings on their ankles. This would value add to sum total of nothing and perhaps annoy people. I know farmers who work 24/7 to ‘value add’ they feed animals when it’s dry, they drench, they mark, they pay numerous levy and take really poor returns for months of hard work,  meanwhile if you speak with a food processor they do not hide their BILLION dollar profit in 1 financial year but still won’t pass on this massive wealth to the farmer.

So if any of the politicians, Liberal or Labor would like to let me know what you mean when you say this I’ll call a country town meeting and share it. I think I can confidently say I won’t get an answer and the reason for this is because of the following

This week here in South Australia we had another Minister Mr Geoff Brock get up in parliament and read out his response to the Marine Parks issue. He KNEW doing this would put people in his electorate out of work, he knew doing this he was siding with a political party that he declared he was independent from and perhaps knowing he would never be re-elected again. But then again he took a MASSIVE pay increase to become a Minister in power.

He was interviewed on his decision by Dr Annette Marner from the abc regional and he used those words to her. We are looking to the fishery people to “value add” and she fired back ‘how so?” he then went on to say he wasn’t going into that right now he wanted to get together another study and spend the next 12 months looking at the impact. In other words NO IDEA what this means, I wonder how many businesses can last 12 months without income and patronage to give Mr Brock his answer. I have thought I wonder what the fisher people can do to value add.

I note on his website he has tried to deflect this by putting out another re-affirmation on the CFS compensation as if this will provide the paid employment for the regional area that he represents.

How do people in business value add? What does this mean? If you are in business and can help me answer this question please respond it will perhaps offer our politicians new wording and an understanding of what they are saying as none of them can qualify it. I know we are meant to be ‘confident’ but what in and in whom? there are some many groups of people, workers, and regions who are being disaffected by our politicians, I would love one of them to stand up in parliament house and just say ‘crap” we are all speaking crap, we have safe jobs, safe pensions and we are making decisions with which we know nothing about how do we change this? Wouldn’t that be great.

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