Most Farmers look to the skies more often than is normal, I only ever use to take note of this when I was travelling to work or getting dressed in the morning, the only time I ever wanted a long-range forecast was when I was going to be away for 3 or more days for work. I introduced my farmer to the world of computers early on in our relationship as a great way to be in contact and without a doubt I can tell you his favourite pages include ones on the weather, farming articles from various publications, sites that sell farming equipment and a couple of the board sheet and tabloid media papers. I think the weather is one that frustrates him the most.

We have moved into the Autumn in Australia and we are looking for rain, where we live is dry and we have experienced a record-breaking summer with more days over 43 degree Celsius than one should ever wish to experience. Just because the weather is hot does not mean that farmers have a break, there is stock to move into the shade, waters to check to ensure all animals remain hydrated and troughs to fix should he find them empty. I have had to help on occasions, the livelihood of our stock is far more important than being our in the sun for a few hours.

With Autumn most farmers are looking for that break in the season, as am I, it is a worrying time of year, feedstock is running low, animals are beginning to look to moving paddocks for a change of scenery. We are looking to some decent rain, the break in the season means many things to farmers, time to sow the crops hoping the follow-up rain will come, time to ‘join’ animals for the next years off-spring. It’s a time when it’s not hot and more things can be done, it’s one of my favourite times of the year, I must admit I like winter best, I love the rain and the cold over the heat and stifling hot days of summer. I also do look to the skies at this time of year, I wish for rain to wet our parched paddocks, and this year to wet the ground that was burnt by fire. It is a time for renewal, regrowth and less stress.

It is our 7th wedding anniversary today and despite the fact I could get a gift of wool, copper and modern ‘desk set’ I wish for none, I wish for rain. ….

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