Is this what you are feeding yourself or worse still your children

Follow this link, it will show you what you are eating, if this doesn’t make you think twice about the products you are buying to feed to yourself and children, then nothing will.

Australia has such a stringent food laws that this does not happen, but they would not be buying free range, grass-fed chicken. Most birds that are for meat are raised in houses or barns, some are given growth hormone so that the breast meat becomes ‘thicker’ when they are sold.

McDonald’s have a website that you can check the ingredients – it states that they purchase “from places like Ingham” I wonder what this means. is there a place “like Ingham or is it Ingham? one should ask the question.

Chicken is not the first meat to be substituted Beef and Pork have a history of this unscrupulous practice. So if you wish to eat healthy and of late ‘clean’ then you should be looking to  purchase grass-fed, free range from your local butcher or market. Better still contact a farmer through face book, or twitter you never know where they may be for what you want and though not as cheap as take away meals like this, at least you will know what you are purchasing is not only good for the family, it’s good for your health.

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