Pork Chops & Apple Sauce

This is what we are having for dinner tonight, following on from the fantastic pork from our neighbours and organic pork growers. But everytime I think of pork chops I think of the Brady Bunch episode, yes I am of that generation. If we look at this TV series, really with Alice always in the tinest of kitchens preparing meals for 8 people without raising a sweat or even a loose piece of hair from her updo, even Carol Brady with the smallest of frypans – cooking what with a fork and no steam coming out. I have given you the youtube so that you also may not have this image leave your heads for days.


Wouldn’t it be nice to have the housemaid sometimes and the effortless preparation of food, table set and everyone sitting and eating in an orderly fashion. I grew up in a household of 6 kids, we were all excited when my baby brothers came along, there was already 3 girls and 1 boy so both these made us the Brady Bunch family. My last baby brother arrived in September and infact had his 39 birthday yesterday, we did all sit at the dinner table and eat together and this is something we still do when we all manage to get together. A large part of our socialization is eating together and sharing our meals and stories of our lives. We are scattered all over Australia now and all try and get to see each other at least once or twice a year.  My mother did it well in those days with no in house help, we didn’t get an Alice but am sure she would have wanted one.

Pork is the other white meat and good for you, so grilling will be the preparation and apple sauce, well it’s shop bought and local produce from a South Australian company. I try and buy as much local and Australian grown and made products as I can. I check labels for this especially so that we can keep jobs and companies local. What is your favourite condiment to serve with pork chops?

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