The benefits of eating Pork

This week we have had the pleasure of getting organic pork from the farm gate, but delivered to our door. It is fresh and ready to go into our freezer, but not before I planned and cooked ribs that night for dinner. I have avoided pork for many reasons, not that I didn’t like it I do, there is nothing better at Christmas than the fresh ham off the bone is there?

I am just not use to eating it, there is the tried and tested ‘sweet & sour pork’ which as a ‘Chinese food‘ is a stable take away, I have even attempted to make it but wasn’t successful. But it got me thinking about other pork dishes and now we have our own, I am going to be a bit more experimental. After having done some research on it pork met is as healthy as red meat. I also avoided it as watching my husband order and eat it in restaurants use to make his face go red. This never happened with any other meat but then no other meat is cured with salt and having high blood pressure, he use to react almost instantly. This is did not occur with the organic pork we had the other night.

It is important to have a balanced diet so white meats are recommended, and pork is considered the ‘other’ white meat, along with chicken and fish. Should you want to order some pork,  try to find a local grower, free range and organic. I can safely say there is nothing nicer than that taste.

Ounce for ounce, pork tenderloin has less fat than a chicken breast. The downside to this is that fat is what makes pork taste so good—which explains  why ham and bacon are far more popular than leaner cuts. Bacon and other cured meats often contain sodium and other preservatives, such  as nitrates, that may raise blood pressure or increase your risk for cancer. To  limit your risk, choose fresh meats or packaged products that contain no  preservatives—typically labeled “all-natural”—whenever possible.

Read more about interesting facts on eating pork:

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