Grass Fed Fillet Mignon

Cooking Fillet Mignon is not as specialised as many people would leave you to believe, it takes a good fillet cut of beef, as we are grass-fed, we are lucky to have great quality of meat on hand. When cooked it should not be chewy or tough as where they take this cut from is part of the non-working area of the beast – not muscular – mainly in the tenderloin region. Scotch is normally the best here. Get good bacon rashers here if you can not afford organic, any middle rasher should be ok, get some butchers twine or can be done with tooth picks.

Turn the oven on to 180 degree Celsius and allow the oven to warm up. Wrap the bacon around the scotch fillet and secure with string or tooth picks.

I sear the meat before I bake it, I rub with sea salt and make up some garlic butter and melt, spray a non stick pan with cooking oil (I also rub cracked pepper on each side as well) place the fillet in the pan and let sear, pouring a little of the melted garlic butter over it. I let it cook for approx 2 minutes then turn over. It should look brown on each side when done, place onto a baking tray and put in oven cook for 15 minutes.

To make a jus (as gravy is too heavy for the dish) keep the juices from the fry pan and 10 minutes into baking the fillet pull out and tip the juices into the pan. I add 1 tablespoon of plain flour and blend it all in looks like a paste and then add a beef stock cube and cup of water, stir it should only thicken lightly and I add a couple of table spoons of red wine and cracked pepper to taste.

I cook mashed potatoes and vegetables and serve.

This is ours before cooking



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