Starting Fresh

It’s been a while but we have been busy working on many things and one of those is joining with a home delivery company with out lambs. It is a big step for two small companies to join together, to work together with the one goal: providing fresh, superb quality foods to many who are time poor, do not wish to shop in a supermarket and want to support the local grower / primary producer and small business.

We have met and talked and agreed we need to give it a ‘red hot go’ as they say in Australia. We will supply them with grass-fed fresh lamb, advertise and move it out. It’s a win win for South Australians, you can go on-line to order your fresh fruit and vegetables and from next month lamb. we will be doing joint press releases and advertising so that you know when we will be on their shelves (in the cool room) and be delivered fresh, cold freezer or meal ready to your door.

With First Froots there is NO joining free, enter your postcode check your home delivery status then register login, see their extensive menu, check out the price list – no hidden costs here, order what you want, select payment and then enter. delivered fresh to your door, we have tasted a fine selection of fruit and vegetables and after 1 week, we had to throw NOTHING OUT, it is fresh not stored in warehouses till it’s needed. The taste and quality are that of a farmers market, we highly recommend the service, if they delivered to Keith we would be using them exclusively. When you join tell them via Bully Beef and other meats blog.




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