Robyn’s Thai Beef Salad

500 gram piece of Rump Steak or other good grilling steak

1 to 2 cups of baby spinach leaves fresh

Red Capsicum or Red Pepper diced

1 cup of Bean Sprouts,

bunch  of Coriander torn

2 to 4 spring onions chopped or scallions  – the thin ones without the bulb



3 tbsp Lime Juice (use less if you don’t like the tang)

1/4 tsp of crushed garlic or i clove of garlic crushed if using fresh

1 tsp crushed red chilli or 1 whole red chilli if using fresh sliced with seed – de-seed according to taste (or hotness)

1 tbsp of fish sauce

1 tbsp of Soy sauce


Dice the red pepper or capsicum (yellow also works well here) place in salad bowl, cover with baby spinach leaves fresh, i cup of bean sprouts, tear up the coriander to taste or leave it out if you don’t like coriander. Chop 2 spring onions and then combine all ingredients and set aside.

use either Olive oil or cooking spray to coat the BBQ or grill and place the meat whole and cook for 5 minutes each side or to your favourite cook. Meat for the salad needs to be tender with a slight pink tinge through it after cooking. Once done take it off the BBQ or grill wrap in Aluminium foil and set aside to rest. (Don’t forget when you let meat rest and place it in Aluminium Foil it will continue to cook itself and remain tender)

Whilst the beef is cooking mix all of the sauce ingredients together in a cup or jug and set aside.

Unwrap meat and pour the juices in to the sauce

slice the meat in thin strips and add to the salad, combine and then pour the sauce on top, mix together. Serve either hot or cold it is delicious.

This recipe has been adapted from the CSIRO – Total Well Being diet it is my favourite as it is light, healthy and filling all at the same time.

thai beef salad



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