Meat Substitution

There is was in the paper this morning, it is all over the news and the thing about the article and the story is that it is only being removed as the labels were wrong not that the substitution of Beef for horse meat was wrong. In Australia they would not even consider doing this for our consumer protection and strict Meat Standards does not allow this to happen. How can it be that Beef is substituted with Horse meat ‘accidentally’ no this is deliberate. It is being done in prepared meals for supermarket freezers i.e. ‘beef lasagna’ and in some countries according to the article in burgers.

It is being done in France (currently) and one must consider this is due to the ‘high’ cost of beef, is it the fault of farmers one must ask? Are they getting paid too much at the farm gate? No, I can answer that honesty it is the state of play of the Australian market as is still feeling the effects of a Labor Government Ban on meat export, all Northern states are flooding the eastern states and lowering the buy price for all. There is no difference in the quality of meat but it makes it hard for a small primary producer who may raise 900 cattle a year to get the cost of production back when a big farming consortium’s ‘dump’ cattle into the domestic market as they can no longer export.

Don’t worry you will not pay any less for your beef from the supermarkets, it is the farmer who’s buy price is lowered. When you read things like horse meat substitution they should be facing criminal charges but as it is not in Australia, this won’t happen.

We pride ourselves as do most aussie farmers whether they sell to feed lots or sell grass fed animals to be ethical and apply to Meat Standards Australia. Most companies who buy for the domestic market also take pride in selling quality meat for human consumption, yes especially the supermarkets, if they substitute and sell poor quality meat they will loose customers back to butchers or worse still buying direct from the farm gate. We will sell to both, especially as we know our animals are killed in a stress free environment and are treated humanly at all times. We don’t sell to feed lots as our animals are ‘finished’ off on natural grasses on our property.

Contact me if you want beef or lamb we are happy to sell both. Here is the story from today’s paper go to our recipes page and check out the beef lasagna recipe




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