I did not get time to make the ribs over the weekend, I had to work and then we had visitors with children, this makes the BBQ a much better option to feed a large people quickly. We served lamb sausages and steak, with bread and tomato sauce. Most children like sausages in bread it is very much comforting food as well as a filling substantial snack. Better for people than chips, dips and cheese. It is easy to prepare and doesn’t take much room in the fridge or freezer.

We eat our own sausages which our butcher prepares for us rather than throw out the ‘off cuts’ that many do not eat, we have this made into sausage or hamburgers. There will be the naysayers sausages are full of fat and should not be eaten but it is like anything, eat in moderation and they are delicious and hearty filling foods. I have to talk about the urban myth here that there is ‘sawdust’ and other fillers put into sausages. This I find quite laughable, if you have ever been to the butcher who makes them or the abattoir they are clean spotless places who comply with Food Standards Australia so unless they have a ‘deal with a carpenter’ who will sweep up sawdust and give it to them this is just one big lie. Most butchers and meat preparers take pride in their products want you to come back so they will not put anything but 100% meat in the sausages, nor are they made with intestine of animals.

Don’t throw a shrimp on the ‘Barbie’ put a grass-fed, Australian lamb or beef sausage from your local butcher – you will know the difference and enjoy the taste\




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