Restaurant NYC

Can I get a good steak in New York City? the short answer is yes I am sure you can, but I was not there long enough to find it. The official dinner we did have after watching my mother sign in Carnegie Hall was superb but they served a Chicken &  a pasta dish buffet style. That is the best way to feed 100 people over two levels of flooring. The Brisbane Choir, the Croatian choir & the Adelaide Philharmonic Chorus were lucky enough to attend a dinner at the “The Providore” where we were treated like royalty.

It was within walking distance from Carnegie Hall, which made it easy for 100 people to walk to from the venue. It was also very cold so it mattered that people were not trudging very far at 830pm at night. Buffet style meals are great to feed people running late into the evening. As most restaurants like to feed people seated together having to wait for everyone to order and then keep meals hot and bring them out on time this can prove to be a lesson in time and motion management. Buffet style eliminates the need for excess staff and chefs made to order, the food can be prepared and kept warm in Bain Marie’s. Food is also made to appeal to the masses not the individual but there is always a great selection for all different food types. Vegetables are there for the herbivores, Meat or chicken  for the carnivore. then a selection of salads and breads – for all tastes.

The bar was open and everybody enjoyed a great atmosphere and great food till about 1130pm when we the waiting staff decided to clear up and move you out. That’s a draw back when the staff clear you off and you’re just settling in for the evening. They did serve cakes or pastries as they are known on platters to the tables. Many people took more than one so there wasn’t enough to go around. This is disappointing and I find these things very difficult for diabetics, there is no sugar free options for these people. Overall this gastronomic experience was also enjoyed.

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