Interesting Advertising

Today I note in the ‘Advertiser’ a South Australian paper full page ad’s by Cole’s extolling the virtues of Cage Free Eggs and another for Sow Stall Free Pork, how promising I thought, next they will advertise that they sell Grass fed beef, our beef. We have sold to Cole’s on more than one occasions and they have noted the quality & tenderness of our beef. I keep flicking through alas there is nothing on Red Meat.

It is a sign of the times, there is mention of Lamb cutlets in the section where the recipe looks easy to make and would taste delicious but other than that nothing. No supermarket seems to want to promote grass fed red meat as this they do not mind what type of meat they buy. The American model is to grain feed them or in marketing terms “finish them” off before they end up on your plate.

It amazes me in this day and age where food sensitivities seem to be becoming the norm, we are still being drawn to the supermarkets to buy our meat products and this is probably driven by economics and convenience. No longer are there many local corner stores next to a butcher where you can go in and choose your meat.

There is a very famous chain extolling the virtues of Angus Beef in burgers and lamb now in the fast food chains but before everyone gets over excited about this as a plus for farmers there is no onus on the fast food chains to use pure Angus beef, there is only a percentage of less than 50% used in these burgers.

As per perception advertising does great things for many brands and for many industries. Sam Kekovich has done great things for lamb – especially with Australia Day coming up. The MLA also have a great beef campaign which promotes Australian Beef, they even have a magazine promoting recipes and all things Beef etc called “Entice”

” from an article written by Michael Pascoe..writer for “Business Day” For what it’s worth, taste being such a personal thing, the best beef has to be grass fed – all that grain-fed nonsense just ads weight, fat and maybe some tenderness to a beast while taking out  taste.

The animal has to be prepared well for slaughter – no stress.

Ask your local supermarket if they know if their red meat is grain or grass fed. I would be surprised if they even know.

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