buying fresh meat

At this time of year Christmas and holidays, food takes centre place in many social gatherings, family get together and work place meetings. Most societies celebrate, mourn, rejoice and relax whilst sharing food. Food is seen as a sign of acceptance and a sign of hospitality, in olden times you would be offered a meal as you may have travelled for days, the weather and distance would play a part in what you were going to receive as a guest into some bodies home.

Beef is a staple in Australia, “it is the second most popular fresh meat consumed through the food service industry (after chicken)”(1)

“Australians eat an average 33kg of beef and veal per person, per year. This has remained relatively constant for the last 15 years.” (2)

Meat & Livestock Australia, fast Fact 2011: Australia’s Beef Industry (1) (2)

Make sure when you purchase your meat it is as fresh as possible, you are more likely to get fresher meat from a local butcher, farmers market or ordering direct from farmers you know than from super markets. No place will sell ‘bad’ meat let me make that clear but those listed above will be fresher and you will notice a completely different taste to anything you purchase in the supermarket. When meat is packaged there is an absorption pillow under packaged meat and the longer the meat has sat on the pad the more it has absorbed and the ‘older’ the meat is. If there is juice in package the fresher the meat, but it is like anything else if you open it and it smells off, it is likely to be off, do not eat ‘turning meat’ return it immediately to the place of purchase in Australia, they will refund you and notify their supplier immediately. It is better they know than not for other consumers may have also bought something that is not right.




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